About Me

First, about you:

  • Your website, social media and marketing, are the first impact you have on your potential clients.
  • You want the best colors, the right design, ideal messaging and the true energy that is your brand.
  • When your ideal client sees your website for the first time, you want it to be love at first sight.
  • You have a vision, not only for your website, social media and marketing but for your clients and your life…so you don’t want this part of your business to consume all your time and energy.

I get it.

But before you choose to work with me, you want to know, “Who is this fedora-wearing, red-beard-growing website and marketing guy, Travis Clark?”


I’m Travis, accomplished web designer, fierce marketing professional, expert problem solver and innovative solutions strategist, with mighty business intelligence skills that, well…rock!

From professional speakers to life coaches, Disney artists to high-end retail and entertainment groups, Fortune 500 companies to non-profits…the strategy is the same.

I listen.
I ask questions.
I strive to understand your vision, your goals, and why you want to be there.

Then I do all I can, with everything I have, to create your website, branding, social media and marketing…to get you there.

My nickname is “Travipedia”, given by my five brothers and sisters who insist I know something about practically everything. I owe it all to my favorite obsession, reading.

I’ve always loved to read. Recently, I donated about 100 books to a local charity “Friends of the Public Library.” Going through each one, to make sure there weren’t any treasures hiding between the pages (hey, who doesn’t love a surprise $20?) I found at least 30 boarding passes. Those books were read while traveling back and forth across the country to see my family in California, from school or work in New York. Three minutes to three hours, if I have an open space of time, you can bet I’m reading.

Want to know a little more about me?

I’m the oldest of six and grew up in Southern California, where I coded my first website at 14 and started my first website design company with my best friend while still in high school. I moved to New York to study communications at St. John’s University and continued with the St. John’s family after graduation specializing in electronic communications. I headed back to Southern California for four years to help my mom with my younger siblings when she and my stepdad divorced. When my little sister’s high school graduation was a wrap, I headed back to New York, where I now call home.

How about one more fun anecdote?

When I returned to So Cal I was hired by a glitz and glam retail and entertainment company located in the heart of Los Angeles to manage their websites and “maybe take a few pictures”. My first day on the job, I was told to grab the camera, head to the center of the complex and take pictures of Wil Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis who were promoting their latest movie. My stint at that job included photo and video shoots with tons of film, music and TV celebs which led to texts from my mom like, “Call me when you’re done with Snookie.”